Spy Ninjas Night Vision Mission Kit

Spy Ninjas, what's up? We're ecstatic to have you join us on our night mission to take down Project Zorgo. We've included some useful gadgets in this package to assist you in tracking down the hackers at night and stopping them using your nocturnal Spy Ninja talents. Prepare for some covert spy Night Missions, Night Missions crew! 

Kick bump!

With the new Night Vision Mission Kit, you can take on Project Zorgo at any moment, even in the dark! Night Vision Goggles with a Green LED Light, Removeable Flashlight, and Magnifying Lens are included in this Mission Kit. A Spy Ninjas Utility Belt and Decoder Wheel, two Activity Books, a Certificate of Achievement, a Spy Ninjas ID Card, and a Notebook are also included!

With the new Spy Ninjas Utility Belt and Decoder Wheel Clip, you can take your Decoder Wheel with you on every operation! No matter where you are, decode every Project Zorgo hint! The Night Vision Mission Kit is the ultimate Spy Kit for catching hackers in the dark.

  • Contents: night vision goggles, removeable flashlight, magnifying lens, a spy ninjas utility belt, decoder wheel, two activity books, a certificate of achievement, spy ninjas id card, and notebook
  • Take on Project Zorgo anytime, even in the dark
  • Take your Decoder Wheel with you on every mission
  • Decode every Project Zorgo clue, no matter where you are!
  • Dimensions: 15L x 10W x 5H cm
  • Batteries required: 6 x LR41 batteries (included)


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