Spy Ninjas Bandana - Weapons of Choice

22" x 22" square shaped Spy Ninjas Bandana on 100% cotton, screen printed black and red. Fold it to wear with pride - around your head or your wrist.

The Spy Ninjas Bandana is made of 100% cotton and is screen-printed in black and red. It can be folded and worn around your head or wrists with dignity.
With your own Bandana, you'll feel like one of the Spy Ninjas!!
The black and red bandana has a pattern that depicts the best Spy Ninjas weapons, which is essential for any mission.
With its comfortable cotton, our bandanas are sure to suit every Spy Ninja, and are the perfect way to show off as a talented member of the Spy Ninjas.

Item ID SN446ABD341

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