Pyjamas Set - Spy Ninjas Youth Design

​Get that good Spy Ninjas sleep with these AWESOME black and red pyjamas. Featuring the Spy Ninjas logo and Weapons of Choice design on the sleeves, you'll wake up ready to Kick Bump through the next day like a total pro!!
Perfect for every-night use - or why not plan A Spy Ninjas sleepover with all your friends?
Take that, Project Zorgo !!
Long Sleeve Pants with the Weapon symbols printed all over. Soft 100% Cotton Feel. Superb fit, cuffed sleeves. Perfect for night time - could also wear in the day time if you want but a thinner feel than a normal Jogger set.

Colours: Red and Black with Spy Ninjas Logo.

Item ID SN446KTR261

Youth Small (5-6)
Chest Width 13 1/2"
Youth Medium (7-8)
Chest Width 14 1/2"
Youth Large (9-11)

Chest Width 15 1/2"
Youth X-Large (12+)
Chest Width 16 1/2"

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