How to become a Spy Ninja?

What is up Spy Ninjas! Want to know how to become a Spy Ninja?!


We have assembled the perfect kit so that you can finally become a Spy Ninjas member. We need you to help us defeat Project Zorgo once and for all. 

To become a Spy Ninjas member like us, there are a few gadgets you will need. The New Recruit Mission Kit has so many!

You will need Vy’s favourite gadget, a secret message pen, so that you can write stuff down without Project Zorgo ever finding out, we have to be careful! The other things that are super important to make you, our new recruit, even better is the Ninja Noise Enhancer- Daniels favourite gadget. 

Of course we have to focus on defeating Project Zorgo so in your kit there will be a Decoder Wheel and a Codebreaking Guide Activity Book so that we can get one step closer to defeating the evil hackers. When you take on such an important job like Chad, Vy, Daniel, Regina and Melvin have, you will get a real Spy Ninja Membership ID Card, a Decoder Card and a Certificate of Achievement for using your gadgets, intelligence and spy skills for good.

Now that you are a part of the team, you have to be prepared with the right gear. Active Packs are super important to make sure that you can carry your gadgets with you so that you are always ready.  You will also be perfectly kitted with a headband and hoodie in your favourite colour so that you can think, look and act exactly like a Spy Ninja member!

The most important thing is to use all of your clever spy skills to help stop the hackers and defeat Project Zorgo with us, as a team!

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