Spy Ninjas History Part 1

May 14, 2021

Spy Ninjas History

Chad Wild Clay & Vy Qwaint are a married couple and popular YouTubers. Chad became well-known for unboxing ninja gadgets from video games and testing them out like a ‘Fruit Ninja’ in real life. Vy, along with Chad’s childhood friend Justin, often joined him in these videos. Additionally, Vy Qwaint was well known for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTube videos. 

April 21st, 2018 thru May 25th, 2018.

Chad and Vy’s normal YouTube videos were put on hold when Vy found a hidden crawl space in their Los Angeles, California apartment. Vy, being so tiny, was easily able to crawl through and find a key which unlocked a door leading to a safe. Inside the safe they found clues and a map leading them on a scavenger hunt. After making their way through an abandoned zoo and completing a Fortnite dance challenge, they were led to Palm Springs, CA where they found an abandoned Tesla Model X. What luck that Chad & Vy won a Tesla by completing the scavenger hunt! 

May 26th, 2018: A Hacker Appears:

Chad & Vy entered the vehicle only to become trapped in the Tesla for 24 hours. A message appeared on the Tesla’s screen “Now you’re trapped and your YouTube is hacked.” Frantically they pulled up Chad’s YouTube channel to find that one of their favorite videos was deleted. The Tesla started driving itself back to the abandoned zoo where the mysterious hacker made them play a game or else have another YouTube video deleted. Chad and Vy are now instructed to make various YouTube Challenge videos under the threat of having more YouTube videos deleted. Through the challenges Vy was declared winner of the Telsa. Maybe this hacker isn’t so bad after all?

June 13th, 2018: Let’s Find This Hacker

Chad and Vy get a second video deleted. Tired of this happening, Chad and Vy go searching for the hacker and found the hacker’s house. Inside they find a door locked with a padlock. After solving various clues and using a decoder wheel, they find the code to unlock the padlock is “ZORGO”. In the door they find the hacker’s laptop computer with a map of the hacker’s location. This leads them on many adventures including finding a buried treasure chest and exploring an abandoned town. While exploring the abandoned town, the hacker stole the Tesla. Chad & Vy escape the town and find a cassette tape with secret messages.

July 11th, 2018: Hacker’s Dojo and Battle

Chad & Vy are led to the hacker’s ninja dojo. They finally find and battle the hacker only to reveal it is Chad’s childhood friend, Justin! But Justin reveals he was tricked by the hacker and framed to make it look like it was him. They enlist the help of other YouTubers but Chad is sucked into a water drainage system and wakes up in an abandoned hospital. During her rescue mission to save Chad, Vy is trapped in a prison. After escaping they are able to find the Tesla and make it back home.

August 5th, 2018: Who is the Hacker? Introduction to Daniel the Lie Detector Guy

After a poorly timed prank on Vy where Chad pretends he is the hacker, the couple become suspicious of each other. After finding suspicious cameras and tracking devices under floorboards in their apartment they decide to hire a Lie Detector Expert (Daniel) to verify neither of them are the hacker. 

August 18th, 2018: Project Zorgo Recruitment Video

A new channel called ‘Project Zorgo’ uploads a video “Project Zorgo YouTube Hacker Group” where they encourage viewers to join their hacking team to help shut down YouTube.

August 29th, 2018: Mystery Person is Helping Us

Chad and Vy start to stumble upon strange ripped out pieces of paper around their house with writing on them. These papers just so happen to be found underneath items that the Lie Detector Expert was suspiciously touching. Chad and Vy decide to track down the Lie Detector Expert to figure out what is going on. They witness him talking to a girl who is very upset with him for some reason. 

September 8th, 2018: Hackers Take Over

The day Chad and Vy were dreading has finally happened. The hacker tries to take over the house, by entering through the hidden crawl space. Chad and Vy scare him off for a few minutes while they put the ripped pieces of paper together to reveal a message. The message says they need to shout the code word “Mr Skylight” and never come back to the house. Once Chad and Vy shout the code word, the house lights and electronics start malfunctioning and a countdown timer plays on the speakers. Horrified, Chad and Vy run out of their California home and never come back. 

September 12th, 2018: Homeless

Hoping to get away from all the hacker activity, Chad and Vy drive to Las Vegas. They intercept a letter written by the Lie Detector Expert. The letter reveals he wants to quit Project Zorgo after believing that Chad and Vy are actually good people and don’t deserve to be hacked. The letter is addressed to someone named “PZ4”. Chad and Vy begin to find clues that somebody named “PZ1” has been beaten up. His mask is cracked, and his Apple Watch has fallen off. Chad and Vy find a map that leads them to a mysterious house. In the middle of the night, a dark figure sneaks up to the house and drops off a supply package full of ninja weapons and spy gadgets. 

September 27th, 2018: The Lie Detector Expert Reveal

After investigating the footage of the mystery man dropping off the supply package, they realize that a hacker captured him and he is in trouble! Chad and Vy then go on a mission into the desert to rescue the mystery man. Once they arrive they realize this mystery man is the Lie Detector Expert! They are confronted by a hacker known as “PZ9” who battles them. The Lie Detector Expert reveals his name is Daniel, an ex-Project Zorgo hacker “PZ1” who quit the organization and is now trying to help Chad and Vy. He warns the “Doomsday Date” (November 3rd) is approaching, where Project Zorgo will destroy YouTube forever. Daniel also shows them that their California house was burned down by the hackers. 

October 10th, 2018: Project Zorgo HQ: The Black Pyramid

After intercepting a box from a hacker, Chad and Vy find a map that leads them to the Black Pyramid in Las Vegas. They learn this is the Project Zorgo Headquarters. Chad tries to take the elevator to the top of the Pyramid where he believes is where the Project Zorgo leader runs his operations but gets trapped and beaten up by hackers! Vy goes undercover as a hacker to rescue Chad and also learns more about the Doomsday Date. Chad is being held in a Project Zorgo jail where they attempt to control his mind and brainwash him into becoming a Project Zorgo member. Vy rescues him just in time! 

November 3rd, 2018: Doomsday

The Doomsday date arrives and despite Chad and Vy’s efforts, Project Zorgo successfully hacked Chad’s channel and thousands of others. Eventually, YouTube was saved by the audience members commenting a code “Zorgo Diffuse” one million times which overloaded Project Zorgo’s servers! 



December 24th, 2018: Safehouse Taken Over

Chad, Vy and Daniel discover a hidden camera in the safe house and are confused how it got there. They check the security footage and realize that hackers have found their location and broke into the house! Thankfully, nobody was home so there’s no proof that Chad, Vy and Daniel actually live there.  One day, 3 mysterious people show up at the front door of the safe house and take pictures of Chad and Vy with a disposable camera. A plumber, a delivery driver and a pizza delivery girl. After stealing the cameras and discovering what’s on the film, it’s revealed that Project Zorgo has plans to take over the safe house on January 12th. After a huge battle on January 12th to defend the safe house, Chad, Vy, and Daniel realize they’re going to have to flee the house because they’re outnumbered and the electronics of the house are going crazy again! 

January 16th, 2019: Joseph Banks and the Delorean

Now that the group is homeless, they are forced to live in their Tesla. One day the Tesla vanishes!  A mysterious scientist named Joseph Banks reveals he was the one who stole the Tesla. He transformed it into a hacker-proof Delorean!  The Delorean emits a high pitched frequency which disturbs the electronics in the hacker mask, causing pain to the hackers when close. 

February 8th, 2019: PZ4 is Helping

Daniel begins acting suspicious. He is talking to somebody on his Apple Watch but won’t admit it. Eventually he reveals that he is talking to his ex-Project Zorgo coworker, PZ4. She feels bad that Daniel is homeless and wants him to live with her, however she does not want Chad and Vy to join since they are still her enemy. She proves her loyalty to Daniel by saving his life by throwing her mask at an incoming Kunai. Project Zorgo terminates PZ4 from the organization for taking her mask off. The hackers have turned on her and now she is on the run. Chad and Vy need to figure out who this PZ4 person is so they can help her. She is Daniel’s closest colleague after all! After a battle with the fighting hacker, PZ9, he reveals the location where the hackers are torturing PZ4. Vy sneaks in and rescues PZ4

March 13, 2019: The New Safe House

As a way of saying thank you, PZ4 gives Chad, Vy and Daniel a place to stay. It’s the safe house that the Spy Ninjas will be living in for years to come. Project Zorgo is really upset at PZ4 now. They set up a plan to trick her into breaking into an old lady’s house. She gets arrested by the police. Vy also gets arrested since she was at the crime scene with PZ4. Daniel and Chad help break the girls out of jail

May 25th, 2019: PZ4 Face Reveal

Project Zorgo i

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